Celebrating Hanukah with Holocaust Survivors

Hanukah with Holocaust Survivors in Israel

“You are like angels, thank you! I am so happy to see you again!” Tells Tzipora, with tears in her eyes. “You [Chasdei Naomi] help me the most!” Since the death of the poet Ilana Klein, her widower, Eliezer, has been alone in their apartment, with all the memories she left behind. “Thank you for remembering them [the children of the Holocaust], that’s the most important thing!” Reeli Celine Harel, Holocaust Survivor and eyewitness to the atrocities.

Since October 7, 2023, Reeli and many other Holocaust survivors feel that the nightmare continues, and find themselves feeling that Judaism is in danger again. 

Therefore, Chasdei Naomi came up with a festive initiative in honor of Hanukah!

Donuts, Sweets, Hugs

Early in the morning, while Tshuva is still preparing a gift package for the survivors, an intelligence officer arrives at the office, in order to collect a box of gifts for his soldiers; “It will give them strength” said the officer.


While Tshuva a ties a ribbon on the gifts, she decides to add Reeli Celine Harel, who helped the underground resistance deliver letters back and forth from Auschwitz, to the list of destinations for Chasdei Naomi.

Reeli shared with the team the pain she has been experiencing since October 7th.  “It feels like a holocaust, not a war, a holocaust!

⅓ Jewish children died in the Holocaust. You [Hasadi Naomi], thank you for remembering them. That’s the most important thing!”


Our team brought baskets of food and eggs to survivors like Olga who needed assistance. It was difficult to see a woman living in Israel in her condition. Chasdei Naomi cares for Olga and many other Holocaust survivors with food, clothing, medicine, and a variety of grants.

Upon parting with Holocaust survivor Olga, an alarm was sounded warning of heavy rocket fire across the country, with hits in Tel Aviv and Rishon Lezion, one in a classroom.

Chasdei Naomi continues to act and give in order to help many different populations in the best possible way. The special project provided assistance to soldiers, the elderly and Holocaust survivors.

You can see and support more projects of Chasdei Naomi by clicking here

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