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Assistance to Ukrainian refugees

We are all witnessing the terrible war which is taking place between the two neighboring countries – Russia and Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the war between Russia and Ukraine claimed heavy losses in body, property, and psyche.
Many people were forced to flee their homeland and left behind all their possessions.
They fled to foreign lands for nothing and became refugees.

Watch a video taken during the collaboration:

Israel is one of the countries that has opened its borders to receive Ukrainian refugees.

Many Israelis rallied for the refugees in many ways as part of identification as a persecuted people.

Many people donated their time for the refugees, some donated their money, and some with their private property.

Harnessing Chasdei Naomi for the refugees
The Chasdei Naomi organization has come to the aid of Ukrainian refugees on the understanding that they do not have any equipment at all and any donation can help them.

With the help of the unique collaboration with the “Social Transport” project, the association was able to assist hundreds of refugees with equipment for the cold days and clothing.

Hundreds of winter kits including blankets, gloves, a scarf, and a hat were distributed to the refugees. Also, warm and new clothing is sent to them in different colors and sizes to suit everyone.

Through the dear volunteers of Chasdei Naomi, the truck of “Social Transportation” was filled. This amazing donation was distributed to many refugees in different parts of the country.

Blue heart array
This system serves as a coordinator between the organizations working to assist refugees from Ukraine, neighboring countries, and Israel. The system connects refugees and those who want to help them with employment, food, clothing, equipment, hygiene, and more.

Chasdei Naomi is a member of the “Emergency Forum” group of volunteer organizations and through it is a member of this organization. 

Social transportation venture

A social transportation project is an Israeli social enterprise. With the help of logistical solutions and a connection between the business sector and the social sector, the project transfers surpluses from the various industries (textiles, tourism, furniture, pharma, etc.) for the use of government bodies and associations.

The Chasdei Naomi Association would like to thank the Blue Heart team and the “Social Transport” project, whose extensive distribution rights have been implemented.

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