Good Deeds Day 2022

The Day of Good Deeds, which falls on March 29 every year, is full of activity, especially at the mercy of Naomi. Today, Chasdei Naomi hosts hundreds of volunteers who come to do good in all its branches around the country.

Hundreds of volunteers will visit the Chasdei Naomi branches throughout the country. Some of the organization’s branches distribute food, fruit, and vegetables. In another part of the branches, kosher food for Passover is already being packaged. Volunteers will help with branch operation, distribution or packaging.


We started the morning of Good Deeds Day at the distribution and packaging branch in Bat Yam, where volunteers from the Hasmonean school came. They packed fruits and vegetables and helped with the distribution.


At the same time, in the morning, a group from Traffic Point arrived at the logistics warehouse in Tel Aviv to help pack Passover food baskets for Holocaust survivors and the elderly.


The continuation of the day of Good Deeds is expected to be full of action and groups.


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Good Deeds Day- Updated at 10:00

Good Deeds Day

Hasmonean school students came to volunteer at one of the association’s branches.

At that branch, they packed in bags different kinds of fruit and vegetable so that the supporters could easily take what they needed.

The volunteers say they enjoyed it a lot, and they were excited to do good for the other.

Good Deeds Day- Updated at 11:30


Ninth-grade students from Ramot School in Bat Yam came to volunteer as part of Good Deeds Day. The educator, Noa Lederman, has known Chasdei Naomi for four years and decided to expose the class to her important work. The students arrived at the Bat Yam branch together with their teacher, rolled up their sleeves, and started packing fruits and vegetables. Noa says that the students enjoy volunteering, the atmosphere in the place is wonderful, and they work with teamwork and professionalism.

Good Deeds Day- Updated at 12:30

Tel Aviv Municipality employees arrived at the logistics warehouse in Tel Aviv to help with Passover packaging. The group came equipped with a good mood, shirts dedicated to Good Deeds Day, and of course a volunteer spirit. The volunteers quickly divided the products to be packed and started working. Boxes full of kosher food for Passover soon began to pile up.

Good Deeds Day- Updated at 13:00

Cadets from the Police College arrived at the Jerusalem branch for distribution and packaging. The Jerusalem branch is run by Israel Meissler with great love.


The group packed food baskets with a large variety of “basic” food items. These food baskets also contain food that is not kosher for Passover. Until Passover, our supporters continue to receive food baskets as needed.


The group worked in exceptional collaboration and packed lots of crates that would reach the elderly, Holocaust survivors, and families.

Good Deeds Day- Updated at 15:30


Another group of volunteers from Traffic Point arrived at the logistics warehouse in Tel Aviv. A group of 30 young guys came along with a huge desire to donate and give of themselves.


Within a few minutes, the crates were ready. All foodstuffs were packaged efficiently and quickly thanks to teamwork between the members.


Traffic Point is the third group in the logistics warehouse in Tel Aviv.

Many more groups came to the association’s branches today. Some are larger, and some are smaller. In each branch of the association, the volunteers worked efficiently and gave their whole hearts to the volunteering activity. The Tel Aviv branch alone packed about 500 kosher food baskets for Passover.

Chasdei Naomi thanks all the volunteers who came to volunteer on this meaningful day.

It is important to note!

Although today is Good Deeds Day, and everyone rallies for others, the Chasdei Naomi works all year round for those who need support.

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