What did we do on Purim 2022?

Purim is a short holiday, but there was a lot to do. During this Purim, we took care of our beloved Holocaust survivors and the elderly around the country. The smiles and warm words we heard from them only encouraged us to keep on.

purim with elderly

How did it all begin?

The Chasdei Naomi organization helps the elderly and Holocaust survivors regularly.

The ongoing support shows that they also need food on Purim. 

Basic groceries so they can prepare an appropriate meal.

Purim kits are everywhere, in kiosks, supermarkets, or even at children’s hands holding the Mishloach Manot they received at school. 

All Mishloach Manot have one thing in common- they are all full of sweets. 

There is a variety of sweets such as chocolates, snacks, candies, pastries, and more. Although the children are thrilled with all the sweets, many elderly and Holocaust survivors do not need all this.


Gifts for the needy and surprising Purim kits

The association has decided to keep the mitzvah of “gifts to the needy” at its best. The Mishloach Manot took an interesting turn and became a Purim kit to the needs of the beneficiaries. 

Each kit contained many food products such as tahini, canned tuna, corn, etc. 

To each delivery, we added Hamantaschen to symbolize the holiday and still add something sweet.

Holocaust survivors and the elderly received the packages at a Purim party organized in their honor by Chasdei Naomi. This food is for their stomach but smiling and rejoicing on Purim is for their soul.


The division and the parties

The distribution of the Mishloach Manot and the observance of gifts to the needy were held at special parties for Holocaust survivors.

The parties took place in several places in the country.


The party in Ramat Gan

A Purim party was held in the public housing in Ramat Gan for all the residents. To the sheltered housing came the charity trucks full of- Our Purim kits, winter kits, cookies, costumes, and more. 

Factory 54 store managers joined voluntarily to the party in order to make the elderly and Holocaust survivors happy.


Watch the video from the party:

 The party in Jerusalem

A Purim party for Holocaust survivors was held in the city of Jerusalem in collaboration with the Ezrat Avot organization. 

There were about 100 Holocaust survivors at the event who received the Purim kits. Many volunteers came to this party, including musicians and medical clowns.

Watch the video from the Purim party in Jerusalem:

To sum it all up…

At Purim this year, we worked to take care of Holocaust survivors and the elderly. We kept and helped others keep the commandment of gifts to the needy. We continue our activities for the Israeli population.

Also, we have a large number of other projects ahead of us to give the best support envelope that the association can.

The Purim party and kits are thanks to the public donations and the many donations made for this project. 

Chasdei Naomi runs several other projects for vulnerable populations.

We invite you to enter the GIUSIM site and support the association’s projects.


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