Bread or Medicine?


“We have no money for medicine”

There are 168,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel as of January 2022, and 42 of them die every day. There are about a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel who receive an allowance of NIS 10,000-4,000 per month, while two-thirds of Holocaust survivors only receive NIS 4,000 per year.
The average monthly income of Holocaust survivors is just 400 NIS.

Due to low allowances, Holocaust survivors have to make concessions on basic necessities. In their day-to-day lives, they must choose between giving up food, medical treatment, or traveling for medical exams.

Now, they must win their right to live a dignified life after having survived the horrors of the Holocaust. Donating to Holocaust survivors can help them survive.

Chasdei Naomi special project for Holocaust survivors

Over the past 40 years, Hasadi Naomi has worked to assist Holocaust survivors and elderly people in need. A variety of services are offered by the association, including a food basket, warm clothing in the winter, and financial assistance.

Chasdei Naomi association participates in a special campaign for Holocaust survivors and elderly people. Almost every day, they are faced with making difficult decisions that have a direct impact on their lives. Because many Holocaust survivors lack the financial ability to purchase medicine or food products, they give one of them up.

In order to assist Holocaust survivors, Chasdei Naomi is embarking on a unique project. It is designed to help them with the costs of basic products, such as food and medicines.

Donate through the recruitment site to support the effort and help Holocaust survivors.

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