Volunteering in Tel-Aviv

Each week, Chasdei Naomi hosts dozens of volunteer teams at its logistics warehouse in Tel Aviv.
The day is filled with blessings and amazing experiences for the volunteers











Chasdei Naomi’s background
Rabbi Yosef Cohen founded Chasdei Naomi about 40 years ago.
Rabbi Yosef grew up in a struggling family in South Tel Aviv.
He have experienced poverty very intimately, so when he was given the opportunity to give back and help those in need,
he took action and helped everyone who asked, after many years of dedication.

Today Chasdei Naomi have a complete network of volunteers, four logistics centers, and 45 distribution points throughout the country of Israel,make this association what it is today.

The volunteers
Among the volunteers, there are both permanent volunteers and temporary volunteers as well.
People of all ages do volunteer work with us, including the young and those that are over 80 years old.

In addition to help,volunteers come individually or as groups to Chasdei Naomi distribution points.
Our volunteers  are very much appreciated and give their hearts so that we can provide together the best service for those in need.

Volunteering in Tel Aviv
Employees from the largest and highest-profile companies in Israeli and global economies are volunteering at the Hasadi Naomi warehouse in Tel Aviv every day. Among the companies that have recently sent their employees are Meta, Etoro, and even
Municipality of Tel Aviv and many more!

The association’s volunteers pack food baskets filled with delicious and good things for Holocaust survivors, the elderly, widows, orphans, and families in hard economic times inside a logistics warehouse in Tel Aviv.

As part of the association’s efforts to provide dignity and joy for all, all food baskets are designed and packed with great care, using only high-quality materials.

The volunteers receive detailed instructions every morning on how to pack the basket, so that everything arrives intact and in the best condition possible, and then the baskets are delivered to the distribution points and to individuals in need.

In addition to the blessing and joy of volunteering, volunteering also provides volunteers with a satisfying, solidifying and enjoyable experience, and volunteers turn to the association to share their experiences at the end of each day. Many say that they had a fulfilling and action-filled day and would like to return again soon. 🙂

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