Chasdei Naomi speak at the Knesset

The people of Israel are Hungry

“Soldiers, as well as Holocaust survivors, and families in need, which many times, All three are the same!”

To kick off 2024, The Israeli governement [ knesset ] met with Chasdei Naomi and a variety of non profit organizations, to discuss the state of poverty in Israel since the disaster on October 7.

Chasdei Naomi was invited to take part in the meeting, and speak in front of the members of parliament. The discussion was televised LIVE. Chasdei Naomi representatives Oriel Rosen and Tshuva Kabra, presented the organization’s data from 2023, along with requests moving forward, in order to ensure the holocaust survivors, soldiers, and families in need will receive the assistance they need.

Relying on donations

Out of 52,000,000 Shekel promised to the organizations by the Knesset, a fraction is distributed to the different organizations who provide crucial support for the citizens of Israel, especially since October 7th. Chasdei Naomi has been assembling care packages and food baskets to assist, strengthen, and comfort the people of Israel and our soldiers.

The care packages consist of warm clothes, toiletries, hygienic products, prayer books, as well as food baskets with canned goods, fresh produce, basic cooking essentials, and other goods.

Chasdei Naomi has distributed  tens of thousands of care packages to soldiers, and families who have been relocated from the war zone. 

Oriel from Chasdei Naomi

Chasdei Naomi asked staff member Oriel Rosen, from Philadelphia PA, to speak to the Knesset on behalf of the organization.


Oriel had the following to say:

“We [Chasdei Naomi] distribute tens of thousands of packages of food to soldiers. We also distribute vouchers, We distribute them to soldiers and families as well. The evacuees and the families in need. Warm clothes too, We make sure to pack the food as well as warm clothes and distribute them to those very families.


Soldiers, as well as Holocaust survivors, and families in need, which many times, All three are the same. Soldiers that come from families in need, who have family who are Holocaust survivors. And they need all of our help. And it needs to come from their neighbors, it needs to come from the individual citizens in the end. At Chasdei Naomi, we donate the employees personal time and also raise funds from all over the world. We post in English, French and Hebrew.


We care for the families and soldiers, whether it’s volunteers who cook, and recently we also involved the holocaust survivors who feel so helpless at this time, and have no way to contribute, who see that the money does not reach those who need it, nor does the attention they require, they don’t receive basic acknowledgment, Some soldiers don’t have a washing machine, We had to give them a washing machine so they don’t have to wear the same uniform since the seventh of October, Same pair of socks ever since they entered Gaza, Returned from Gaza and returned to Gaza once again, And they don’t even have the chance freshen up in the most basic ways that we do every day.”

Chasdei Naomi distributes basic food essentials, warm clothes, as well as fresh food all over Israel. Over 26,000 Citizens are supported by Chasdei Naomi daily! 

You can read about and support more of Chasdei Naomi’s projects by clicking here 

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