The mother is terminally ill – and her children are thrown into the street

The mother wore a kidney to pay off debts, but today she is dying of cancer, and the children who are left alone in the world, are thrown into the street.

“Mother tried to do her best for us, but now she is dying of cancer, and we are about to be thrown out on the street! We are five brothers and a baby – we have nothing but clothes and our never-ending debts; some of the debts are our fathers’ who also died of cancer – we only want to survive.”


Six children were left alone in the world. Their father died of cancer several years ago. Today their mother is also in terminal condition from cancer.

In the past, the mother sold a kidney to pay off large debts. She did everything for the family to be able to live in dignity.

Today, following cancer, she is in a terminal condition. It is her children who are facing the painful reality on their own.

Five children aged 11-20 and a baby face the cost of living and the painful reality that their mother is dying.








The eldest daughter deals with her family’s complex situation alone. She can’t go out to work because she takes care of her mother and all her brothers, so she only earns a living from the social security allowance. The difficulties go with her every moment. Recently the owner of the apartment where they lived announced that he was throwing them out of the apartment.


The older sister is only 20 years old and acts as a mother to her sisters and brothers. She goes with them to meetings with the therapists, accompanies her 10-year-old little sister to school, and helps the brothers manage the money and the house. Of course, she also has to take care of the mother, who stays in a hospice house following her terminal condition. The situation she found herself in is not simple, and she needs mental support and psychological treatment, which she cannot afford.


She feels like she tumbles!!! She is about to break down!!! The horrible family situation affects her life. Her mental condition is deteriorating day by day. She can’t work or study, and she lost her social relations. She needs a lot of help- for herself and her family!

Let’s help her and her family together! Every donation will help them get over the complex situation and deep debts.

Lev Naomi association, which operates solely based on volunteers, and has no paid employees at all, came to assist the family.

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