Chicago Teens Volunteer in Israel

From Chicago to Jerusalem

“Being here is a really big ‘CHESED’”

“This is a crucial organization for [the nation of israel] ‘AM ISRAEL’” 

Chasdei Naomi had the honor of hosting a group of young volunteers from Ida Crown Jewish Academy, all the way from Chicago IL, USA.

Students from the Ida Crown Jewish Academy are on a three week visit to Israel, during which they’ve been visiting significant destinations around Israel.

 The group stopped by the Wailing wall, Mt. Herzel, the Shuk in Jerusalem, and Chasdei Naomi’s Jerusalem Branch. 

Connection to the jewish homeland

The Volunteers bagged fresh produce for Chasdei Naomi to distribute to those in need.

Holocaust Survivors, Soldiers, and families from the south rely on these food baskets to survive during these trying times.


Teens from Chicago, who feel a connection to the jewish homeland, arrived in Israel during one of the most difficult wars in the country’s history. One mustn’t overlook the significance of these youngsters leaving behind the security of their American communities, in order to show support for Israel, and learn more about the Jewish Nation.

Ida Crown Jewish Academy

In September 1942, the Chicago Jewish Academy opened its doors to 42 students and in 1967 Ida Crown Jewish Academy, was officially established by Rabbi Shlomo Rapaport.

The Volunteers from Ida Crown Jewish academy brought great energy to Chasdei Naomi in Jerusalem, despite the dreary weather. The Students were eager to help, so much so that when time came to set up for the next group of volunteers, Ida crown was still going strong, filling bags with produce.  

Chasdei Naomi distributes basic food essentials, warm clothes, as well as fresh food all over Israel. Over 26,000 Citizens are supported by Chasdei Naomi daily! 

You can read about and support more of Chasdei Naomi’s projects by clicking here 

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