Chasdei Naomis’ volunteers are the beloved of Bat Yam city

The mayor of Bat Yam is grateful to all the volunteers in the city.
Chasdei Naomis’ volunteers of the Bat Yam distribution branch received certificates of appreciation for their efforts.
Once a year, a tribute event is organized in Bat Yam for the city volunteers in the Culture Department.
During the night of the award, the volunteers enjoyed an evening show and dinner.
An appreciation certificate is held for each volunteer.

It is Chasdei Naomi pleasure to congratulate the dedicated volunteers of the Bat Yam branch.
We wish them all the strength and energy they need to continue their meaningful activities!

Chasdei Naomi

The Bat Yam distribution branch

There is a large distribution branch in Bat Yam.
They developed a family atmosphere in this branch.
The branch is run by Mrs. Miri Yehuda voluntarily.
Miri Yehuda, a Bat Yam resident, has been participating in Chasdei Naomi since 1999.
Every week, Miri comes to the distribution branch on the day of the activity and takes care of it.
On Tuesdays, this branch is open from 8:00- 15:00.
Food is distributed between 11:00-15:00.
The distribution branch in Bat Yam operates continuously, primarily because of the volunteers who come to the station.
Most of the volunteers are elderly individuals who operation the branch.
On distribution days, volunteers arrive in the morning to sort, arrange and prepare packages for distribution to the branch supported.

Chasdei Naomi

In 1984, The Chasdei Naomi Association was founded. The association provides assistance to elderly people, the poor, and Holocaust survivors. Over 10,000 people are assisted by the organization. The association has a complete set of about 20,000 volunteers.

Did you know?

The Chasdei Naomi Association is a national aid center for the needy and Holocaust survivors and operates distribution branches.
The association has 45 distribution branches throughout the country, from north to south.
The distribution branches are run by volunteers.
They come to the branches and prepare food packages and equipment, which the supported receive in these branches.

Chasdei Naomi is proud and appreciates all her volunteers and thanks to them.
With the help of people volunteering we can help and make more needy people happy.
Do you also have a desire to contribute to the community?

Click here to enter the site and leave details for volunteering

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