Tu Bishvat – the holiday of the trees and the medical staff ?!

Tu Bishvat marks the planting of trees, the rejuvenating of dried fruits, and of course the birthday of the trees. These days, we are reminded of the medical staff by the trees that produce oxygen for us.
Unfortunately, many people fell ill in Corona and had difficulty breathing.
The doctors who are at the forefront of the fight against the disease have been there to bring back oxygen to the people.

The relation between doctors and Tu Bishvat

We all already know that plants and trees play a significant role in human and animal life. The vegetation helps a lot in breathing in the living creatures. Trees absorb carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen, which humans and living things breathe. Life would not exist without the release of oxygen by the trees.

The corona plague that started in 2019 made us all realize that oxygen is not an obvious thing.
Unfortunately, hundreds of people experienced breathing difficulties and were connected to respiratory machines with the assistance of a team of doctors. We should compare the oxygen-producing trees with the doctors and medical staff. The ones that have always been and will be there, in order to restore the breathability of the oxygen we so desperately need.

The medical staff has been working hard for about three years. All medical departments are affected and working day and night following the corona that attacked us in 2019. We can all agree, the medical staff deserves special thanks for their hard work.

Chasdei Naomi thanks the medical staff

Chasdei Naomi decided that this year in Tu Bishvat should thank the medical staff for all their hard work during the recent period. So, the decision comes from the desire to emphasize how important doctors are in our lives, like the trees that produce our oxygen for breathing.
Tu Bishvat packages were packed at the association.
The pampering packages of Tu Bishvat, which were packed by employees and volunteers at Chasdei Naomi, contain dried fruits that are identified with the holiday.
Like a wide variety of different nuts, chocolate, and sweets.
The packages will be distributed by the association’s employees and volunteers to the medical staff at the various hospitals in the country.


Tu Bishvat is a holiday of blossoming, growth and renewal.
We hope that the Feast of the Trees will bring with it good news.
Chasdei Naomi wishes good health to everyone, thanks from the bottom of our hearts!
We appreciate the hard work of the medical staff in all the hospitals around the country.

At Chasdei Naomi, we have extensive activity in many areas.
To read more about the association’s activities, click here.

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