Yad Vashem Staff Volunteers at Chasdei Naomi Jerusalem

For Yad Vashem, this is a way of thanking the survivors

For Yad Vashem, this is a way of thanking the survivors who provide us with testimonies and information about the Holocaust.

All the employees bonded, it was really fun!”

The Yad Vashem team came to pack food baskets for those same Holocaust survivors.

Together with the staff members of Chasdei Naomi, they packed and distributed the food to the survivors, along with winter kits which include a blanket, radiator, wool hat, slippers, and more!

Donors who want to see behind the Scenes

The staff of the International Holocaust Research Institute, in addition to the museum’s publishing staff, came to the Jerusalem branch of Chasdei Naomi so they could volunteer to help. Some of the volunteers said that they have been donating to Chasdei Naomi for years, and wanted to see behind the scenes. They were eager to meet the team, and see the blessed work of the organization.


Every day, Chasdei Naomi provides support and food to 10,000+ Holocaust survivors, in addition to families in need, and since 10.7.2023 Chasdei Naomi has been supporting IDF soldiers and the families living near Gaza.

Thanks to charitable donations, Chasdei Naomi provides food, warm clothing, and vouchers to those in need all year round.


The Yad Vashem team packed, among other things, dry food, and basic essential, such as sugar and flour, in addition to cooking oil and wine for Kiddush. The packages were distributed that day by Chasdei Naomi staff members to Holocaust survivors, who were moved by the visit.

Visiting Holocaust Survivors

My father used to steal cabbage leaves for us in order to survive,” remembers Tzipi, a member of the Holocaust Survivors Club in Jerusalem. “I have a brother-in-law who needs help, will you visit him too?” she asked. The team that arrived at the survivors’ homes took the name and number of her brother-in-law, and gave the survivor their personal contact information, in order to keep in touch.

The survivors accompanied us to the elevator, and did not want us to leave. They insisted that we stay for a drink before proceeding to the next destination.

Chasdei Naomi also distributed winter kits, including slippers, blankets, a radiator, a woolen hat and more, to the survivors they visited. As part of their Winter Project, Chasdei Naomi brings care packages, consisting of specialized winter kits to protect the survivors who have no one to ask for help and keep them warm this winter. 

Chasdei Naomi works non stop to help those in need. Everyone feels the low temperatures and rainy days. Chasdei Naomi has already started the fundraising campaign to distribute heating products to Holocaust survivors, Soldiers, and Elderly citizens in need. 

You can read about and support more of Chasdei Naomi’s projects by clicking here

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