Extraordinary Kimcha DePascha

Special Passover Activities

On Passover, the organization registered an extensive, blessed, and exciting activity. Thousands of volunteers have raised the gauntlet, including police officers and soldiers alongside volunteers from all over the country, in an unprecedented huge Easter 2023 maneuver.


Chasdei Naomi has been working every day for 40 years to help those in need. The association takes care of those in need, distributes food throughout the year, special holidays, products identified with the holiday, heating equipment in winter, school supplies for school, and more.

Extraordinary Passover @ Chasdei Naomi

Thousands of police officers and soldiers alongside volunteers from all over the country in a huge and unprecedented Kimcha DePascha.

Many volunteers, thousands in number, came to help for Passover. The volunteers traveled all over the country, from south to north. The volunteers packed food baskets with Passover kosher products, sorted products, prepared gift kits, packed fruits, and vegetables, everything needed for the holiday, and distributed them to the homes of the beneficiaries.

The response of the policemen and soldiers to assist and help was amazing. In all parts of the country, from the various platoons and companies, police officers and soldiers came to volunteer, pack, and distribute food baskets. 


Many police officers arrived in their cars and helped distribute food baskets, fruits, and vegetables to the homes of Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and families with difficulties who are unable to come on their own to pick up the products.


Chasdei Naomi would like to thank and express gratitude to all the thousands of volunteers who have contributed to doing good and caring for others. Thanks to your willingness to volunteer throughout the country, tens of thousands of needy people will be happy to receive a food basket for Passover, including Holocaust survivors, lonely elderly people, and struggling families.

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