Not lonely on ‘Seder’ night

Not lonely on Seder night

On the Seder evening, many residents have an opportunity for a broad family

reunion. Everyone gathers around a festive table to celebrate Passover Eve.

Those who celebrate together with their families enjoy the unifying

celebration, but what about those who have no one to celebrate with? Many

Holocaust survivors are left alone on the holiday evening around an empty


Passover at Eyal Hotel Jerusalem

The association behind the project

Chasdei Naomi, which has been operating for 40 years, has a sub-

organization, Lev Naomi. The association was established 27 years ago to

help patients and disadvantaged populations. Lev Naomi assists and supports

children with health problems, lonely people, lone soldiers, and more.

Lev Naomi is a non-profit organization that operates on a volunteer-only

basis, with no salary recipients at all. Learn more about the organization’s

activities here

Seder night at the hotel for Holocaust survivors and lonely elderly

The Seder night at the Eyal Hotel in Jerusalem was very moving, dozens of

Holocaust survivors and lonely elderly people arrived at the hotel. At the

entrance to the hotel, a representative of the association was waiting for them

with a gift that Lev Naomi had prepared especially for them. Many of them

have never celebrated the Seder as is customary. Their excitement, tears,

and bright eyes are hard to describe in words, someone makes sure they are

not being left alone. At the beginning of the holiday, everyone met in the

dining room for a festive and moving Seder. Holocaust survivors and the


elderly settled around A large table, laid out with a white tablecloth, beautiful

dishes, and flowers. Fine wine, matzah, and all symbols of order.

This Passover, no elderly person felt alone. They wore festive clothes, and

some of the women were even wearing makeup, it was evident that they were

happy and excited. The Seder was held by a Rabbi who volunteered and

came specially to the Seder for Holocaust survivors and the elderly. The

‘Hagada’; was read in full. All the customs of order and blessings were done.

Guests of the hotel did not remain indifferent to the sight of the elderly group

who were surrounded with love. Everyone asked and was interested in who

the group was and what the event meant. When they heard about the initiative

of the association that cares for Holocaust survivors throughout the year, they

were also moved by the thought and exciting hospitality of Lev Naomi, that

celebrated the Seder with the elderly.

The hospitality at the hotel was exciting, joyful, and fulfilling. All the guests felt

the enormous contribution to the Holocaust survivors and the elderly. The

desire of this organization is to have a Passover evening at the hotel together

with dozens of Holocaust survivors and lonely elders, every year.

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