Farming Crops in Israel

Chasdei Naomi Staff Volunteer to Pick Crops

“Wow, I was expecting volunteers! Thank you so much!”

Since October 7 2023, agriculture in Israel has been suffering. Nearly all of the workers who regularly pick crops fled the country within the first weeks since the deadly attack.

The Chasdei Naomi Team Volunteered from their personal free time, to help the farmer who helps provide fresh food for holocaust survivors and families in need.

Lending a helping hand

With no one else to turn to for help, crops began to spoil. The Chasdei Naomi Charity organization, which usually focuses on distribution, turned their attention towards helping preserve the agricultural economy, and support the farms that have been supporting us.


The staff members arrived bright and early, and spent the morning in the greenhouse cultivating lettuce, cucumbers, other veggies, and leafy greens. 


The farmer, who is used to the organization bringing groups of volunteers, was pleasantly surprised to see the Chasdei Naomi workers, along with friends and family members who joined to lend a helping hand.

Distributing Fresh Crops

Chasdei Naomi assists holocaust survivors, soldiers, and families in need by distributing care packages and food baskets. Farms throughout Israel work together with the non profit organization. Volunteers help package crops for Chasdei Naomi to distribute to over 10,000 residents of Israel daily.

To volunteer and join Chasdei Naomi as we assist Holocaust survivors, Soldiers, and Families in need Click Here

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