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Chasdei Naomi thanks ZAKA

The Zaka organization provides first aid assistance and participates in the identification of victims of terrorism and other disasters. They operate all over the world but since October 7, they have abandoned everything to go to the South of the Israel. They work there with nearly no rest. The things they saw there are inconceivable, they experienced horror and their psychological balance was hanging by a thread. Chasdei Naomi wanted to help them take a break from their daily lives for a moment and allow them to eat with friends in peace as a tribute to their hard work. 

Thanking Zaka Volunteers

They expected to volunteer and pack food​

The Chasdei Naomi team transformed the organization’s logistics warehouse in Tel Aviv into a decorated event space. Volunteers set up the tables and displayed the food. When the people from Zaka arrived, you could tell they were surprised. They expected to volunteer and pack food parcels for poor families.


Instead, they enjoyed a good meal in a musical atmosphere, among friends. The president of the Chasdei Naomi organization, Rav Yossef Cohen honored us with his presence. The head of Zaka, Mr Weingarten, awarded him a certificate of excellence for his 39 years of fighting poverty in Israel.

The evening ended with the distribution of certificates of honor and gratitude to all Zaka volunteers, to show them the recognition of Chasdei Naomi in particular but of all the people of Israel in general, for the difficult yet fundamental work that they accomplish day by day. Each of them also received a package containing gifts for their brave wife, beauty products, masks, creams, etc. The wives of soldiers, security personnel, emergency personnel are real lionesses, leviyot (in Hebrew) who also fight on a daily basis and have been fending for themselves with their families for many weeks.

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