Chasdei Naomi’s Non Profit Weekly Program Summary

Weekly summary of the Non Profit program to assist residents of the south and IDF soldiers

The Chasdei Naomi Non Profit organization worked this week on several fronts at the same time. Blessed projects and the extensive activities of the organization were carried out this week for the sake of many communities and their support. Chasdei Naomi’s activities this week included distributing special candy packages to soldiers, distributing Prayer Books, helping the elderly and Holocaust survivors by giving them packages of food, all while receiving generous donations and mobilizing a wide range of volunteers. 

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Distributing food packages to citizens of the south

As part of Chasdei Naomi’s project to support families of the south, we held an important and exciting event in the city of Ashkelon. There, the Chasdei Naomi association distributed care packages of food, directly to the doorsteps of elderly people and Holocaust survivors. 

The security situation in Ashkelon is complex and difficult due to the Iron Swords War. Many families and residents left the city, some who were evacuated, but there are many who also stayed in their homes. Elderly people and Holocaust survivors who remained in Ashkelon find it difficult to purchase food products for their homes, and remain without food. The defense situation does not allow them to leave the house and go shopping.

Chasdei Naomi received thousands of calls for help from the elderly residents of Ashkelon. Hundreds of applications from holocaust survivors and the elderly crying out for assistance acquiring basic food products. Chasdei Naomi assembled their team, and together they traveled to the southern city, Ashkelon, to distribute food packages for those elderly and Holocaust survivors. Volunteers, teenagers from the city, took part in the activity and came to help distribute the food baskets to the doorsteps of the residents. The acting mayor of Ashkelon, Sofia Beilin, joined the distribution as well. She congratulated Chasdei Naomi and thanked them for their essential movement and the assistance they provided to the elderly residents of the city.


Chasdei Naomi has a project dedicated to supporting the soldiers and raising their spirits. In this project, Chasdei Naomi distributes various products to soldiers as well as shopping vouchers in order to help make them happy. As part of this project, the organization collaborates with various companies and receives donations to distribute to the soldiers. 

Chasdei Naomi received a request for assistance from an army base. The soldiers asked the association for a washing machine for the soldiers on base who come there to freshen up before and after operational activities.


Chasdei Naomi immediately responded to the request, and a team of staff members arrived at the base with a washing machine, dryer, ironing board, iron, fabric softeners, detergent, hygienic products, underwear, socks and more! Everything is done in order to satisfy and support the soldiers who are on the front line.



A large part of the soldiers were not at home for over a month and had to wear unwashed uniforms. That’s why when Chasdei Naomi arrived with all the equipment, they thanked the organization from the bottom of their hearts. The soldiers were very happy to receive all the treats and were moved by the attention and quick response.

Recently,due to a special collaboration with the company SWEATWEAT, the Chasdei Naomi organization distributed special packages of sweets to the soldiers who defend the security of the country. Chasdei Naomi received a welcome donation from the company and made sure to distribute them to the IDF soldiers at the various bases and checkpoints. The care packages included snacks, special sweets, chewing gum, and more. In addition, Chasdei Naomi included in each care package, prayer incense for the soldiers’ safety and success. The soldiers not only enjoyed some sweet flavors, but also received an expression of gratitude for their important mission. 

The Chasdei Naomi team comforting grieving families

The organization initiated a delicate and special project for the bereaved families. As part of this project, volunteers and the association’s staff provide solace for the bereaved families. The purpose of the project is to strengthen and support families who have lost their most beloved.

Also this week the Chasdei Naomi team came to the homes of grieving families. At each funeral service, the staff arrived with soft drinks, a selection of cakes and cookies, trays of blessings, and prayer books to uplift the soul. Throughout the week, the Chasdei Naomi team came to families throughout the country, in Jerusalem, Tiberias, Ra’anana, Holon and more.


The groups that come to visit the mourners say time and time again: “We arrived strong and left strengthened.”

Volunteering with Chasdei Naomi

During the week hundreds of volunteers visited the association’s branches. There were many volunteers in the Jerusalem branch of Chasdei Naomi, they were also in the Bat Yam and Tiberias branches. There were also volunteers who helped distribute the food baskets, collect products and more. The volunteers took part in the organization’s various projects and passionately assisted with everything necessary for the project’s success.

At the distribution centers, the volunteers helped vastly by sorting and packing a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, packing food baskets for distribution and supporting everything needed in the distribution centers. Volunteers with vehicles assisted in transporting the food parcels to the homes of immobile families who needed assistance. All the hundreds of volunteers who took part in the Chasdei Naomi activity this week did so out of a sense of objective and generosity.

Blessed Donations to Chasdei Naomi

Chasdei Naomi distributes tons of food products. The fruits and vegetables are generous donations from Israeli farmers who donate to Chasdei Naomi in order to distribute and help the defenseless populations. The association receives a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are sent for distribution in all Chasdei Naomi branches for the benefit of people in need.

A special and blessed equipment donation that Chasdei Naomi received this week, is a donation from the United States. The association thanks the donor who sent necessary equipment to Israel in order to help the soldiers and families of the surrounding area and the south, from the bottom of our heart. The amazing donation contained diapers, toys, clothes, shoes, food products, and more. All the donated products are intended as aid for the people who are on the front line of conflict and have been affected by it.

Chasdei Naomi's Activeness continues

The weekly activity of the organization is always packed full of action. Chasdei Naomi works non-stop to help all those who need it.

The association engages in various projects in order to help the residents on the line of conflict and our soldiers. You can see all the projects here.

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