Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day 2023

Chasdei Naomi is active throughout the year and helps Holocaust survivors in
many ways. On the occasion of Holocaust and heroism Remembrance Day,
the organization conducted exciting and special projects.


Chasdei Naomi  projects to preserve and make Holocaust testimonies
accessible to the younger generation was established following fears voiced
by Holocaust survivors that one day they would not be able to talk about the
horrors they had to endure.

Every day, with great pain, we say goodbye to hundreds of Holocaust
survivors, whose testimony the younger generations will no longer hear.
Today younger generation lives in the advanced developed technological
world at a fast pace, and therefore the connection between artificial
intelligence platforms and Holocaust testimonies have been made.
Among the special projects established, was an artificial intelligence photo
project based on testimonies of Holocaust survivors and a chat with a
Holocaust survivor.

Testimonies of Holocaust Survivors in Artificial Intelligence Images

The Holocaust survivors who took part in the photo project told the story of
their childhood from the terrible period known to humanity – the Holocaust.
We typed their testimony into an artificial intelligence system that creates
images from written text. We have created dozens of pictures that tell a
painful and terrible story that must not be forgotten. We set up an exhibition
attended by hundreds of people, including Holocaust survivors, who gave
their testimony, saw the pictures, and were moved to tears.
This exciting project has been covered in over 300 media outlets around the
world. We created a connection between the younger generation and the third
generation and their testimony from the Holocaust. The cost of the project

was a few hundred dollars, and with this low budget, we managed to reach
tens of millions of eyes, connection, connection, emotion, accessibility, and
preservation of our history.

Ceremonies on Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day

The association also held a number of ceremonies for Holocaust survivors in various cities. Among the ceremonies was a ceremony held on the eve of Memorial Day in the city of Beit Shemesh, where police officers from the Police Academy and Mr. Moshe Shitrit, deputy mayor of Beit Shemesh, also attended.
The ceremony included the lighting of a memorial candle and a number of words delivered by volunteers and Holocaust survivors who gave their testimony.

Another ceremony was held in the city of Netanya, the ceremony was very heart-
rending. Many Holocaust survivors recounted their testimony from the Holocaust. The memorial candle was lit by volunteers who came to the ceremony.

In addition to the projects and ceremonies held by the association, famous
artists said goodbye to Holocaust survivor, Ilana Klein. Ilana Klein was an
integral part of the Holocaust remembrance project that Chasdei Naomi
conducted last year.

Saying goodbye to Ilana Klein
Eden Ben Zaken and Ilana Klein

Ilana composed a song, performed by singer Eden Ben Zaken, on Holocaust
Remembrance Day in 2022.  Eyal Golan and Eden Ben Zaken said goodbye
to her on this Holocaust Remembrance Day. Ilana Klein, a Holocaust survivor,
passed away on Thursday, April 13, 2022, a few days before Holocaust and
Heroism Remembrance Day.

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