Special Charity fund for the Holiday of Shavuot!

Like every year, the charity fund for supporting the Holocaust survivors and the elderly people towards the Holiday of Shavuot is being established! Many Holocaust survivors and elderly people give up each year buying dairy products for Shavuot due to their poor financial situation.
Also this year, Chasdei Naomi is supporting them by delivering them a good variety of Dairy products.

The number of the remaining Holocaust survivors as of January 2022 is 168,000.
More than half of the Survivors live on very tiny allowances and grants provided by the government. In addition, the recent rise in the prices, in general, made to be in a survival mode!
Many Holocaust survivors and elderly people are forced to give up op on dairy products, fruits, vegetables, medicine, etc.


The association of Chasdei Naomi has established a great charity project for the upcoming holiday of Shavuot; The delivery of special food packages for Shavuot which contain a beautiful variety of dairy products for the Holocaust survivors and the elderly people.
The great blessed charity project of the association derives from an outstanding relationship and long connection with the weakened populations, who give up on buying dairy products due to their poor financial situation.
The Holocaust Survivors have already survived the devastating horrors of the Holocaust, they should live respectfully until the rest of their lives!
Chasdei Naomi is inviting you all to support and donate by clicking here:




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