Huge steps towards Passover

Passover is coming towards us rapidly and Chasdei Naomi is already preparing to assist thousands of people. Passover project includes many divers activities. This year’s destination is to reach 10,000 people.

The heart of Naomi

Passover is a step ahead, so we can already sense the atmosphere, just as we can feel the spring is right here! lot’s of people are planning the Seder dinner, buying new clothes, and inviting relatives to their homes.

The feeling of the holiday makes people excited, yet many are also feel worried. Passover is known as a family and relative gathering, with a lot of food on their tables. some are concerned about having no food on theirs’. Those who have this concern during the whole year. the holocaust survivors, the lone elders, and deprived families.

Chasdei Naomi is supporting and assisting thousands of families , during the year, and is prepared for Passover with full of all kinds of Kosher food for Peshach, arranged by volunteers, on distribution days, all over Israel. 

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