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“It’s nice to get sweets on Purim 🥳, but what I really need is dinner 😧.”

Sweets on Purim? We need food!

Every Purim we do “Mishlochei Manot” with sweets and more sweets and even more sweets… But, except for the children who enjoy the amounts of sugar, who really benefits from all of these sweets? This year, with the help of Chasdei Naomi we’ll be doing it differently.

So this year let’s do something really helpful together! Instead of handing out sweets on purim, we will distribute a food package to the elderly and Holocaust survivors. This package will contain real food that will help them survive the hunger…

Join  the Chasdei Naomi initiative now. With your help we will provide a food package for seniors and Holocaust survivors. Allowing them live and with the respect they deserve – together we will make this their happiest Purim!

To donate ‘Matanot Laevyonim’ that will be distributed on the day of Purim, call the Chasdei Naomi Hot-line: +972-3-6777777 , click here, or via the Giusim Website 👇🏼

Gifts to the poor (‘Matanot Laevyonim’)

The origin of the name ‘Matanot Laevyonim’ comes from the Book of Esther. Gifts for the needy is one of the mitzvos that are customarily observed on the holiday of Purim. Along with the reading of the Book of Esther, the preparation of a feast and Purim meal and more.

In the mitzvah of gifts to the needy in which we are commanded to give gifts to the needy (Evyonim) at least two gifts, one gift for each needy.

What is the importance of the mitzvah?

Purim is one of the happiest holidays of the year when the Book of Esther is read and a feast is held.

There are quite a few people who are very poor and this allows them to celebrate the holiday of Purim and hold a Purim variable as is customary on the holiday in an appropriate and proper manner. Thus, gifts to the needy are of great importance both personally and emotionally.

Gifts for the needy allow those in need and needy to hold a Purim feast and celebrate the holiday in the appropriate and proper way.

Moreover, the mitzvah of gifts to the needy will improve the feeling and sense of the needy and will not differentiate them from the rule and make them rejoice on Purim like everyone else.

What are the laws related to the commandment of gifts to the needy?

1. Everyone who has reached the age of observance, whether in a man or in a woman, there is a commandment of gifts for the needy.

2. Gifts must be given to two needy people for every needy person at least one gift.
That is, if he gives gifts to the needy, he chooses to give two gifts one to each needy person.

3.Gifts for the needy are expressed in the provision of food and money. So if you have chosen to give the needy any other gift whether utensils or anything other than food and money, then you are out of duty and you will have to give them additional money and / or food.

4. It is possible to give gifts to the needy when the needy are husband and wife. In fact the giver of the gifts gives one gift to the husband and another gift to the wife.

5. The mitzvah of gifts to the poor should be observed during the daytime hours of Purim and not at night.

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