Israeli News 13 “The people who reach out for the Needy”

Israeli News 13 covered the activities of the Chasdei Naomi association, a few days before the Carmel storm.
The association assists the elderly, the needy, and Holocaust survivors.
The association distributed winter kits to anyone who needed it.

Thousands of families, Holocaust survivors, and many others cannot afford for themselves even the essential equipment to get through the winter.
Many people have to prioritize financial expenses; heating means are not at the top of the list.
Many people and families go through the winter without any heating in the house.

Chasdei Naomi organization works every winter to warm up the Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and the needy through the season.
Like every year, our winter kits include scarves, socks, hats, gloves, blankets, and electric heating equipment.
As the Israeli News 13 said, Chasdei Naomi, is “The People Who reach out for the Needy”.
Thanks to the great donations, the association is able to keep everyone warm!

Chasdei Naomi was founded in 1984 by Yosef Cohen.
He grew up in a needy family in Tel Aviv. Yosef worked as a bus driver for a private company. On many bus trips, Yosef has witnessed poverty. He saw children who had difficulties and had no means. When Yosef saw these sights, memories from his childhood came to him, and he decided to take action.

Yosef turned the bus into a mobile charity organization with the approval of the bus company. He passed between apartments at the end of each working day, collecting donations of food and equipment. Every evening, he would arrange all the ingredients he got in packages and distribute them to needy families.

Yosef’s activities expanded, his children joined and helped him operate the small association. Over the years, the association has grown! Thousands of volunteers joined the association, collection warehouses have been set up, and donation collection points have been dispersed (Mom, you promised us a chicken for Shabbos). Yosef left his job as a driver and devoted all his time to the organization.

Chasdei Naomi is a vast association with 38 years of activities, serving 130,000 supporters each month through a complete range of volunteers. Thanks to the public contributions, the association manages to support and help thousands of families.

Want to donate? Login to our site – GIUSIM.
The association thanks you in advance for the help.

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