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“Materna Mitzvah” kicks for the 23rd year!

Like every year: “Materna Mitzvah” kicks for the 23rd year!


For more than two decades, Materna, in cooperation with Chasdei Naomi. While people collecting Maternas’ spoons, the company has donated the same amount to needy families.

Materna 23

For more than two decades, Materna, in cooperation with Chasdei Naomi, has been donating to needy families in a special spoon collection campaign.

Materna, the leading company in Israel for baby nutrition, donates with your donation to needy families!

Many families live in poverty – unable to buy food for their children – and especially Materna for the babies.

It’s time to join us and help needy families!

Anyone can contribute and take part in the unique project:

All you have to do is collect teaspoons of Materna milk substitutes or packages of Materna porridge.

Bring what is collected to the mobility or boxes of Chasdei Naomi or send to the main office of Chasdei Naomi:

Bar Yochai Street 10 Bnei Brak 5155310 – for Materna Mitzvah 23.

Materna mobile






Materna mobile

As every year, Materna’s mobile comes out these days. The mobile makes it easier for consumers to transfer Materna’s measuring spoons or Materna porridge packs to Chasdei Naomi. In return for this collection, Materna will donate milk substitutes to the needy families supported by Chasdei Naomi.

Chairman of Chasdei Naomi Rabbi Yosef Cohen: “The mobile is designed to make it easier for the public to collect the spoons, as well as to encourage them to continue collecting and thus increase the donation for the needy. Likewise, you can continue to place the spoons and packaging in the food collection booths of Chasdei Naomi”.

In conclusion

Spoons and packages are sent, and Materna donates products for needy families!

The more spoons and packages you send, the more products they will donate to needy families!

For more details and additional questions: You can contact us at +972-3-677-7777 (the main office of Chasdei Naomi)

Chasdei Naomi invites you to take part in the special campaign,  this year as well, and provide needy families with baby food!

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