Holocaust survivors are excited to choose clothes!

Hundreds of Holocaust survivors live in the port city of Ashdod.  Most of them live on a meager allowance that doesn’t last for basic things, such as heating the house and body in the winter. Chasdei Naomi distributed warm clothes and a variety of heating products to the survivors.

The winter project of Chasdei Naomi

Every year during the winter, the Chasdei Naomi Association embarks on a large-scale project to raise heating products for Holocaust survivors. The winter project is based on the belief that Holocaust survivors should no longer feel that they have to survive from something!

They have suffered enough in their youth, and they deserve to grow old with dignity. They do not deserve to live in this kind of poverty.  In conversations with them, they say in a shy but clear voice, “We have to choose between food and heating in the winter.”

As part of the project, volunteers come to the association’s logistics warehouse and prepare the winter kits. The kit usually includes a scarf, hat, gloves, blanket, and radiator.  Recently Chasdei Naomi has purchased winter clothing elements for the seniors. 

This year in the winter project, Chasdei Naomi has set a goal to distribute 5,000 winter kits. 5000 Holocaust survivors and the elderly who will receive a variety of winter heating products. Every week Chasdei Naomi distributes dozens and even hundreds of winter kits to the needy. 

The equipment distribution takes place in different cities all over the country.

A day of distribution to Holocaust survivors in Ashdod

One of the many distribution days took place in the city of Ashdod.

The association’s charity trucks arrived with all their winter equipment at a Holocaust survivor club in the city where the distribution took place. Every Holocaust survivor who came to the club received the winter kit and chose warm clothing items for the winter.

Watch a video from the day of the distribution

During the day of the distribution, all the participants could have felt appreciation and excitement of the Holocaust survivors. One Holocaust survivor said that he had not bought new clothes for years and that the possibility of choosing clothes moved him.

The selection of clothes available to them included socks for men and women in different colors and lengths, sets of footers and sweatshirts for men, hoodies in a variety of colors and models for women, jerseys, gaiters, and knitwear. All the clothes were bought in all sizes so that everyone could choose what was appropriate.


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