The volunteering that changed Tzvi and Daniela’s lives!

A first date is always stressful! There is no way to know what will be on it.

The places where you meet for a first date are predictable.

Volunteering is not a typical way to meet for a date, but it’s exactly what Tzvi and Daniela did.

Volunteering is doing for the other, investing from private time for others. Many Israelis see the importance of contributing and helping their community. Volunteering usually involves groups in various settings, and there are large companies that ensure that their employees volunteer.

There are groups of friends who come to volunteer together, and there are Tzvi and Daniela who set the first date in this type of activity.

The date at Chasdei Naomi

Tzvi and Daniela came to volunteer at the Chasdei Naomi organization. Chasdei Naomi is an organization that has been operating for 38 years. The association supports thousands of Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and needy families. The association has an array of about 20,000 permanent volunteers and hundreds more rotating volunteers.

Every day, groups from various backgrounds come to the association to volunteer. The activities of the volunteers vary. Some days are days of distribution of equipment for the supported, days of packing winter kits, days of packing food baskets, and more. The couple arrived on their first date to pack food baskets for needy families, the elderly, and Holocaust survivors. Together they made food baskets for the underprivileged. Meanwhile, they got to know each other in a slightly different way.






Tzvi and Daniela got married about six months ago. 

They excitedly tell about their first date. Daniela initiated the idea to go to a volunteer day, and Tzvi agreed and was happy. The two first met at the logistics warehouse in Tel Aviv. That day the volunteers packed the food baskets.

During the interview, Daniela is asked if she thinks it exposes a different part of her partner and if she recommends it to other couples? She answers in the affirmative and says: “really, it is also very revealing, and it keeps you from the usual and banal dating.” 

Daniela adds that for a classic date, they only went out two and a half months after they started dating.

Although Chasdei Naomi members weren’t invited to the wedding, the volunteers they met on the day of the volunteering were. On this day the couple also got to know each other in a slightly different way, meet new friends and of course, do good for others. 

Chasdei Naomi wishes the couple the best of luck.

Do you also want to volunteer with your spouse?  A group of friends is fine too.  

You can all to +972 52 7884477


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