The statistics are not wrong!

Also, in Purim-1 0f 5 survivors go to bed hungry.
Purim is considered a happy holiday. Children dress up, distribute parcels, there is a good atmosphere and lots of parties. But what about those who do not? Holocaust survivors who go to bed hungry and sad on Purim.



Holocaust survivors need food and groceries so they won’t go hungry. Chasdei Naomi embarked on a project in which it distributes food parcels that include a variety of foodstuffs. Dishes include tahini, rice crackers, corn tuna, and other products in grocers.

Gifts for the needy is one of the most important commandments of Purim. Even on Purim, some people go to bed sad and hungry… Many of them are Holocaust survivors.


Chasdei Naomi invites you to observe the mitzvah of gifts to the needy and to contribute to our Purim project. A Purim project that provides food for Holocaust survivors.

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