Delivering Purim Kits with sweets is nice but- who needs it all?!

Purim is just around the corner, and everyone is already busy assembling Purim kits. We, too, at Chasdei Naomi, prepare packages that will be distributed to Holocaust survivors. Our Purim kits are different on the surface because they are full of a variety of food products and not sweets. It is full of things that the Holocaust survivors need.

Purim kits without sweets

Purim is approaching in great strides, and package deliveries are everywhere. Some people like to make their own Purim kit while others rather buy ready-made Purim kits. The deliveries of the two types of people have one thing in common; They are full of sweets!  Such as chocolates, candies, snacks, etc.

Even though sweets and sugar are nice, those who enjoy such a large amount of these sweets, especially the kids.Many Holocaust survivors made concessions on daily things. That’s the reason we chose to make our Purim kits with food products.  Purim is an opportunity to give Holocaust survivors a festive package of food products alongside candies.

Assembling Purim kits 

The Purim kit for Holocaust survivors consists of several different products. Some items come in fragile jars, some in packaging that can be crushed and some can also tear or spill. Therefore, it is important to pack each shipment manually with great attention to items and their place at the kit.

The packages were assembled by volunteers who came specifically for this purpose. A group of IDF soldiers arrived at the logistics warehouse, rolled up their sleeves, and started packing. Each package was assembled with a lot of sense of excitement, and of course with great love.

The soldiers worked in exceptional teamwork. They divided the tasks among themselves and set off. One folds, another a designer, the third makes sure nothing is missing, and soon 150 Purim kits were packed for Holocaust survivors.

Contents of the Purim kits

Purim kit items were carefully chosen.After a small market survey and consultation with Holocaust survivors themselves, food items were decided upon. Several products were chosen as recurring items.

Purim kit delivered to Holocaust survivors contains coffee, tea, tuna, tahini, and many other products. Of course, Hamantasch is also in the Purim kit to symbolize the holiday.

The plans for Purim

Some of the Purim kits are already ready. It remains only to distribute to Holocaust survivors. Chasdei Naomi, together with the Ezrat Avot organization, organized a Purim party for Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem. At this party, Holocaust survivors will receive the packages. The party will also feature a buffet, songs, dances, and a happy Purim atmosphere.

Not only this party is planned. Chasdei Naomi plane and hold several more Purim parties for Holocaust survivors around the country. At each Purim party, Holocaust survivors will receive the special Purim kit. 

Chasdei Naomi invites you to support the project and contribute to the preparation of our Purim kits for Holocaust survivors.

We also invite you to follow us on social networks and other updates on all activities.


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