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The end of all volunteering – to come true!

An exciting activity was held this week in Jerusalem.
Chasdei Naomi collaborated between Psagot High School from the Atid network and the Eshkolot Community Center. The collaboration was exciting and satisfying for all participants.








The Chasdei Naomi organization works with the Eshkolot Community Center during the year and supports Holocaust survivors and the elderly of the community center. Chasdei Naomi organized the partnership between Psagot School and Eshkolot Community Center.

Teacher Ruthie Breuer from Psagot High School initiated the girls’ volunteer day at Chasdei Naomi. The activity was supposed to take place some time ago, but because of the Coronavirus, it couldn’t come true for a long time.
This week the activity finally came to fruition. The excitement was in the air. Altogether were full of positive energies and willing to give their private time to help others. The girls and teachers were excited about the volunteering activity that finally took place after they were waiting for so long.









Volunteering is underway

The charity trucks of Chasdei Naomi carried crates with the winter kits to the community center.
The winter kit includes a blanket, hat, gloves, and scarf.
It is important to note that all equipment that seniors receive is new.
The girls arrived with their teachers at the community center with clusters armed with smiles and high energy.

The volunteers were divided into small groups and began distributing the winter kits. The groups went to the seniors’ apartments and brought the winter kit to their doorstep.
Sadly, many elderly people and Holocaust survivors complain about loneliness in their daily lives.
As a result, the girls also offered to stay with the seniors and talk with them in addition to the distribution of winter kits.
They are quickly distributed all winter kits. The girls, teachers, and of course the elderly (men and women) who received the winter kits were excited and happy about this occasion. The girls felt the satisfaction of doing good and knew that the next cold would be warmer for the elderly they made happily.

The smiles and the warm atmosphere in the apartments to which the girls came warmed my heart. Through the masks, you could see them all smiling.
The great appreciation of the elderly for the girls who brought them heating equipment didn’t stop coming.

Special thanks

Chasdei Naomi would like to thank everyone who took part in this wonderful activity. To Atid, Eshkolot Community Center, many thanks to the school principal, Ms. Nechama Tabib, to the teaching staff: Shirley, Elisheva, Ruth, and Ruthi.
And of course, many thanks to the girls that volunteered and warm the hearts and bodies of the elderly.

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