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Hanukkah Gelt for Orphans & Youth at Risk – Chasdei Naomi Relaunches Project 😀👫

We all know the concept of Hanukkah gifts as children.

But, hey, think for a moment about teenage boys and girls in need and children at risk who will not celebrate Hanukkah with their parents or their close family, those for whom Hanukkah doesn’t really give them light, and for whom it is not happy… And in a moment you will understand how small change can also change their lives!

Aim of the Hanukkah project

To give a Hanukkah gift of 180 shekels to 500 teens from difficult financial and family situations, including children at risk, youth in need; some of whom are in residential facilities and different frameworks outside their homes for various tragic reasons.


These are unfortunate boys and girls with difficult family backgrounds, some of whom do not live with their parents or family. Those who do live with their biological parents do not receive anything from them, not even the most basic things. These teens need to provide for their own needs – food, clothing, leisure, and everything a boy or girl their age needs.‎ ‎Some of them work in every possible job in order to provide for their parents and the other children at home!

The idea

That’s right, the 180 shekels that the teen or child receives will not change their family’s financial situation. But think how much they will appreciate receiving money out of the blue as a holiday gift without having to be torn between jobs and their difficult lives.

We can do itif every one of us “adopts” at least one child. With a donation of 180 shekels or more to a boy or girl, we will light up their holiday and make it the happiest this year.

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